Paperwhites Planter Kit


Handmade Quality & Easy Setup

This kit includes everything you need to start growing a beautiful bunch of paperwhites in your home! Paperwhites are a classic holiday flower that displays the spirit of the season with big clusters of pure white, star-like flowers

This kit includes 7 paperwhite bulbs, as well as potting soil and a moisture tray.

Made from fir and pine wood, the planter box is about the size of a shoebox, and will fit nicely on your windowsill, desk or table. It includes a removable wooden lid.

  • Quality Construction & Assurance: The hand painted planter box is made to last, using a thick sturdy wood and hand-pounded nails (vs cheap glue or staples that easily come apart). Each box is individually inspected for quality assurance before being stained.
  • Internal Planter Tray Included: Comes with a garden tray that fits in the planter box to eliminate leaking and improve ease of planting.
  • Soil Included: Kit includes a package of dry soil that expands when you add water.
  • Makes a Great Gift: We’ve put a strip of chalk paint on one side of the lid, and included a stick of chalk. Put a name on the lid and give as a gift!


  • 17.2″ wide
  • 7.1″ tall
  • 6.5″ deep (will fit in most windowsills)
  • 3.45 lbs

Growing Instructions

One of the easiest ways to fill the winter season with fragrance is to grow Paperwhite Narcissus. This bulb, Narcissus tazetta, is a tender plant, so it won’t survive outdoors in most areas of the country.

Paperwhites, however, are easy to grow indoors, providing clusters of white flowers and perfume in the season when we need it most. And unlike most bulbs that require a period of dark, cool temperatures, Paperwhites will grow and bloom without waiting…even without soil!

Plant your bulbs in the soil provided with the kit. Plan to crowd them…this is not the time to be stingy. Paperwhites will grow in a shallow soil, so place the bulbs with their tips above the soil.

Wet the planted bulbs and put the finished container in a sunny window, and remember to water the bulbs just before the soil dries out.

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Paperwhites Planter Kit