Foody Smart 3 with Climbing Frame



Smart Hydroponic Growing

Discover the wonder and beauty of growing indoors hydroponically.

The Foody Smart 3 is ideal for climbing plants (tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, eggplant, lentils, and okra), herbs (basil, mint, thyme, rosemary, lavender), and salad greens (lettuce, cabbage, spinach, celery, garlic, leeks, arugula).

Plants may be grown from seeds or young plants may be transplanted into the growing medium.

The system has a built in automatic water level sensor that will chime softly when the water level is too low.

  • Compact & Slim: You only need 8″ x 20″ of floor space and 47″ of vertical space (with climbing frame).
  • Easy to maintain: Self-contained reservoir keeps roots hydrated and healthy so avid gardeners or black thumbs can enjoy a beautiful, healthy and pesticide-free indoor garden.
  • Seeds & Fertilizer Included: Comes complete with everything you need to start growing, including growing medium, seeds, climbing frame and fertilizer.
  • Automatic monitoring system: The system alerts you with a chime and a light when it’s low on water.
  • Modular Design: Multiple Smart 3 units can be connected together to create 1 larger hydroponic system.

Set Up

Set up takes only 10-15 minutes including assembling the climbing frame:

  • Lift off the grid covers and remove the foam barriers
  • Sow the seeds
  • Add water and fertilizer
  • Replace grid covers if desired
  • Snap together the climbing frame
  • Plug it in.


This System Includes

  • Self-monitoring water level system
  • Sturdy 6.5″ x 15″ x 40″ PVC Climbing Frame
  • 3 removable growing pods
  • Separate water reservoir
  • Growing medium (Vermiculite)
  • Seeds (1 packet)
  • Fertilizer (1 packet)


Width: 7.5″
Length: 20″
Height of reservoir: 8″
Height with Climbing Frame attached: 47″
Water Capacity: 1.9 gallons
Made of Food Grade ABS Plastic


Input voltage 110 V


1 year warranty


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Foody Smart 3 with Climbing Frame