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If you are new to vertical gardening, or are not quite ready for a hydroponic system, we recommend this “standard” Foody tower.  This is a highly efficient way to grow fresh fruits, greens and vegetables, as it uses only 10% of the water needed in a traditional garden. Soil is used as the growing medium in the stacking pods. Works well both indoors and outdoors in all climates.

The stackable growing pods are filled with potting soil and are hand watered. Unlike the Foody hydroponic systems, it does not include an internal water pump.

  • Easiest to set up, plant and maintain. Simply fill each pod with potting soil and plant starters or seeds directly into the tower.
  • Space Saver: Planting pockets for up to 40 plants, with a 2 sq ft. foot print.
  • Grow all year: Move indoors in the winter for year round growing.
  • Grow in any climate: Deep soil protects roots. Easy to move indoors, or into the sun or shade.
  • Stay off your knees: Tower stands 5 feet tall. Plant, prune and harvest standing up.
  • Healthy & Safe: Made of a heavy-duty plastic that’s BPA free, which means no concerns about adding toxins to your organic plants.
  • Automatic Rotation: Growing pods rest on ball bearings allowing them to rotate easily for optimum light exposure (rotate either manually or automatically with the optional drive system).

It’s recommended, but not critical, that you fill the lower half of each growing pod with a neutral pH media such as washed gravel, Perlite or clay pebbles. This step is taken to promote better drainage. Then fill it on up with a good quality topsoil. You may plant seeds as well as small plants in the topsoil. Do remember that occasionally you’ll need to add additional fertilizer to the soil to keep the plants growing well.


Rotational motor: The rotational motor attaches to the base of your tower and rotates the growing pods for improved light exposure (four revolutions per hour). Recommended for indoor use only, as the motor component is not water proof.

T5 Vertical Lighting: The Foody 8 works best on decks or patios with good light exposure. If growing indoors in a poorly lit area, use a T5 Vertical Lighting System.

Size & Specs

Included with purchase:

  • Base reservoir tank & lid
  • 4 growing pods
  • 8 net pots (for base growing pockets)
  • rope wicks & ball bearings
  • quick assembly guide


Total assembled height: 62″
Growing pod width: 12″
Base Reservoir: 19″ diameter
Shipping container: 20″ x 20″ x 21″
Weight: 16 lbs (approximately)

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Foody 8 Tower