Foody 12 Hydroponic Tower


The Foody 12 is designed for maximum plant production, efficiency and planting convenience. Often used in commercial greenhouse applications, the Foody 12 helps growers increase plant production 75 to 100 percent by taking advantage of the system’s efficient use of space, water and nutrients.

  • Easy & Convenient Planting: The removable net pots make planting and switching out plants extremely easy.
  • Our most productive tower: Grow up to 44 plants in 2 square feet in your home, office, or on your deck or patio.
  • Deep water technology: Innovative hydroponic system automatically circulates water and nutrients. No potting soil needed.
  • Grow all year: Ideal for growing indoors all year round. Harvest multiple times a year!
  • Stay off your knees: Tower stands 4 feet tall. Plant & harvest standing up.
  • Healthy & Safe: Made of a heavy-duty plastic that’s BPA free, which means no concerns about adding toxins to your organic plants.
  • Algae Resistant: Anti-oxidant and UV reduction elements help reduce algae formation.
  • Automatic Rotation Option: Growing pods rest on ball bearings allowing them to rotate easily for optimum light exposure (rotate either manually or automatically with the optional drive system).

How it Works

This system encourages rapid plant growth by circulating water and nutrients from the base reservoir through the pods and the plant roots. Plant starts are placed directly in the small, removable net pots and their roots reach into the water below. The tower may be rotated for optimum light exposure.

  • Each of the three growing pods have 12 planting pockets. The base has 8 growing pockets. 44 total.
  • Plants may be easily planted and removed using individual net pots (included).

NOTE: Hydroponic systems like this one require that plant nutrients be added to the water, and that salt levels and pH levels are monitored and managed.

Indoors: This tower system is best suited for indoor use and greenhouses. If growing outdoors, use in climates where temperatures don’t regularly exceed 85 F, or fluctuate wildly. (For a better growing result growing outdoors in warmer climates, see the Foody 8 Hydroponic System.)  We do not recommend ordering an additional 4th growing pod as it may increase instability due to height and weight of tower.

Optional Add-ons

Rotational motor: The optional rotational motor attaches to the base of your tower and rotates the growing pods for improved light exposure (four revolutions per hour).

Hydroponic Starter Kit: We advise the purchase of the Hydroponic Starter Kit with your first system. This kit includes the nutrients and tools you need to get started; includes two quarts of Botanicare liquid nutrients, a Total Dissolvable Salts (TDS) meter, and a pH control kit.

T5 Vertical Lighting: The Foody 12 works best in front of windows with good light exposure. If growing in a poorly lit area, use a T5 Vertical Lighting System.

Plant Starter Plugs: We recommend using Rapid Rooter Starter Plugs if you plan to start your plants from seeds. These plugs fit perfectly into the Foody 12 removable net pots. Simply place a plug in each net pot and add seeds.

Included with Purchase

  • magnetic drive pump
  • all piping and tubing
  • 3 growing pods (each can hold 12 plants)
  • 44 net pots
  • a base tank; reservoir lid with two access ports & 8 planting pockets
  • quick assembly guide
  • Foody hydroponic growing guide
  • emitter for topmost growing pod
  • rope wicks (for base net pots)
  • Small 1lb bag of clay pebbles (for use in the net pots to help block sunlight once plants are established)


Height: 48″
Base Reservoir: 19″ diameter
Total water holding capacity: 12 gallons (7 gallons in reservoir & 1.75 gallons per growing pod)
Shipping container: 20″ x 20″ x 21″
Weight: 24 lbs (empty)
Total weight after filling with water: 120 lbs

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Foody 12 Hydroponic Tower