Florafelt Vertical Wall Garden – 4 Pockets


Create beautiful vertical gardens and living walls with this pleated felt pocket system. Innovative design routes water to the central layer and protects walls from moisture and keeps the front dry. Simply wrap the plants with the root wrappers in their existing soil and slide them into the pockets, creating your own wall gardens. Align multiple panels for massive living walls.

  • The felt is made from recycled plastic water bottles, a non-toxic fiber that is indestructible and tough.
  • Over time roots grow into the moist felt.
  • Felt pockets stretch open to receive 4″ to 6″ potted plants.
  • Each pocket is 10″ wide by 6″ deep.
  • Included Root Wrappers make it easy to change, arrange and handle plants.
  • Hand water or connect to automatic drip irrigation systems. Create living walls of big or small.

Dimensions: 12″ wide x 24″ tall x 1-1/2″ thick
Weight: 1.5 lbs (about 5 lbs planted),


Kit Includes:

  • Black felt
  • Root wraps
  • Drip Line and mounting tabs

Florafelt Planters are hand made in the USA. Made from indestructible synthetic nylon.

Florafelt is hypo-allergenic, moth-proof, mildew and odor-resistant and contains no irritants or carcinogens. The backing board is a sturdy plastic sheeting extruded from polypropylene (HDPE). Its fluted ribs support both surfaces, making it light-weight, tough and abuse resistant. It is both chemical and water resistant.


It is only necessary to water the top row of pockets, letting the moisture spread to the lower levels. The microfibers provide a highly efficient grid to deliver water to every plant. Because water flows down, you don’t have to worry about favoring the top row of plants over the bottom levels. Based on how much collects at the bottom, you will quickly learn how much water is sufficient for your vertical garden. Runoff can be collected in drip trays to be recirculated or drained away. If your living wall is outside, simply let the water drip to the ground.

How do you attach it? Florafelt Vertical Planters can be hung from their top tabs with 2 hooks or nails. They can be more permanently attached with screws and washers behind the felt edges.


Do they get moldy? Florafelt Vertical Planters wick water through the back surfaces and become dry between watering cycles which keeps mold from growing.

Will my walls get wet? Vertical gardens can be grown indoors in water-proof prepared areas. Water collection trays at the base are needed to drain away excess water.

How do you attach it? Florafelt Vertical Planters can be hung from their top tabs with 2 hooks or nails. They can be more permanently attached with screws and washers behind the felt edges.

How far will the plants project out from the living wall? On average allow 12 inches. Mosses, Sedums or Grasses will protrude about 6″ where as a Japanese maple might reach out 3 feet or more. It’s best to keep larger plants trimmed back so they don’t get too big. Tropicals and succulents are generally compact and easy to maintain.

Can I grow vegetables in a vertical garden? Yes. Vegetables and herbs work great. Choose the patio variety tomatoes and make sure they all have full sun. Lettuces also are great because they are off the ground and away from pests and rodents. Just be sure to use a light fertilizer each time you water.

How much should I fertilize a vertical garden? Adding plant food is a great way to make plants look their best. But adding too much food will cause plants to produce extra sugars and attract insects. As a rule of thumb, use very small amounts of fertilizer. When you added new plants, they usually come with time release fertilizer pellets in their soil. So this will feed the plants for up to 6 months or so. It is best to wait to feed until the plants begin to look a little pale, or hungry.

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Florafelt Vertical Wall Garden – 4 Pockets