Butterfly Garden Heirloom Seed Kit


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The butterfly garden kit contains 6 varieties of plants to bring butterflies to your garden.

The varieties included in this seed collection are:

  • Sensation Mix Cosmos
  • Mexican Sunflowers
  • Tropical Milkweed Two Colors Red and Yellow
  • Curled Parsley
  • Bronze Fennel

Parsley and Fennel plants are host plants for the butterfly larvae. These two herbs are also great in the kitchen. The bronze fennel is a lovely garden plant adding color and stature to mixed plantings. Two colors of Tropical Milkweeds will act as host plants for many types of butterflies. Milkweed is critical for the development of Monarch Butterflies. The milkweed will provide food for the developing caterpillars as well as nectar for the adults. Bright orange Mexican Sunflowers are loved by swallowtails and Monarchs. Mixed Cosmos is great for smaller skippers and beneficial insects.

Each variety of seeds in packaged in a simple kraft paper envelope. Seeds come with a metal box featuring a photograph from the garden. The box is perfect for storage or gift giving. Also included are 6 wooden plant tags to help keep track of your seedlings.


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Butterfly Garden Heirloom Seed Kit