“Grazed & Confused” – Glass Apothecary Jar Terrarium



Admire the tranquility of a meadow full of sheep without the hassle of having to tend your flock with the “Grazed & Confused” Terrarium. This terrarium contains two sheep wandering as carefree as clouds across a green expanse.

Arrives in a glass jar fully assembled with unique moss arrangement, rocks, and 2 miniature sheep figurines.

Made in USA.

Size: 9.5″ H x 4″ W x 4″ L
Weight: 3lbs
Materials: Glass, Moss

Care: Keep out of direct sun and mist every 2-4 weeks. With proper care the plants can live indefinitely. Comes with care instructions.

We recommend: Use a plant mister to keep moss moist.

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“Grazed & Confused” – Glass Apothecary Jar Terrarium